A Few Announcements


Hello Everyone!

This is a "sister wiki" to the DragonVale Wiki. Information works the same as on the DragonVale Wiki, the content boxes pull the information from a variable page.

Useful Tips

  • To link something on the DragonVale Wiki, simply type "{{dv|Name of page on DragonVale Wiki|Text you want to link}}"
    • For example: {{dv|Plant Dragon|Plant}} yields Plant.
  • If the page already has the text you want (e.g. You want to link the text "Plant Dragon" to the Plant Dragon page) you would simply type "{{dv|Plant Dragon|}}" to yield Plant Dragon (the pipe at the end is important!).
  • You can link images too. All you need to do is include {{SL}} in front of the page you want to link. [[File:FileName.png|FileSizepx|link={{SL}}Plant Dragon]]
    • Leif   ( [[File:Leif.png|30px|link={{SL}}Plant Dragon]] )
  • Some important variables:
  • It's not necessary to add categories because categories are automatically added. All categories for wizard/dragon pages are fully automatic.
  • Instead of writing {{PAGENAME}}''''s''' or {{PAGENAME|{{PAGENAME}}'s}}, you can use {{PAGENAMES}}.
  • To easily link the DragonVale Breeding Sandbox you can use {{dbs}}.
  • If you need to put a lot of space between something, you can use {{Tab}}
  • You can tell the difference between this wiki and the DragonVale Wiki due to the differences in the background image. This wiki has the word "lore" on the left and, rather than a Rainbow Dragon Egg, it has a Plant Dragon Egg. Also, the colors are a tad lighter.
    • If you ever get lost, you can easily get back to the DragonVale Wiki, and even your profile, if you look towards the top navigation bar.

Staff Members

Staff members on the DragonVale Wiki can carry over their positions if they choose to do so. Depending on the number of users interested, I will open up some position request forms. That being said, it is not likely to happen soon unless this wiki gains a lot of users.

Chat Moderators on the DragonVale Wiki will not be able to carry over their rights, as there is no chat on this wiki. The positions that will be able to carry over are the following:


My ultimate goal in designing this wiki was to facilitate the editing process. On the DragonVale Wiki, it can be hard for new, willing users to understand how editing works. Here, I tried to make editing do most of itself for you. Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions, please ask!

DragonVale Wiki Staff - if you would like to carry over your position, please let me know.

- MrAwesome8