Ellen O'Mortson
NoImageAvailable Resides Geegur, The Vale
Vital Status Alive


Explorer Gender Female
Ellen O'Mortson found the first Acid Dragon egg in the derelict buildings of Geegur and brought it into the Vale by carrying it snugly in her jacket. This tiny dragon hatched right through her jacket and onto the banquet table her homecoming feast, terrifying everyone.

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  • The first Acid Dragon egg discovered


  • Ellen O'Mortson was introduced to the game on January 27, 2014.

Possible References

  • Ellen O'Mortson may be a reference to the "Alien" film franchise. seems to be a combination of Ellen, the first name of the main protagonist Ellen Ripley, and "O'Mortson" backwards is Nostromo, the spaceship on which the majority of the first film ("Alien") takes place. The "O'" may also be a reference to Dan O'Bannon, who wrote the first film's screenplay.
  • The incident where the egg being carried inside Ellen O'Mortson's jacket hatched onto the table is reminiscent of the famous scene in the first Alien film, when an alien bursts from the chest of one of the spaceship's crew members, after it has been incubating inside him since he was attacked by the larval form of the alien species.

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