Noel DePlante the Astronomancer
Noel DePlante Resides Unknown
Vital Status Alive


Astronomancer Gender Male
Noel DePlante has spent his illustrious career looking up, while most witches and wizards search for dragons in the world below. Noel is an astronomancer who predicted a great star falling toward the islands and began constructing a massive, multi-towered spire to help collect Star Dust. He was ignored by the magic-using community at first, but his theories have been verified by the arrival of the galaxy dragons. The magical energy that was channeled prevented the star fall from causing another catostrophic, potentially world ending cataclysm. Noel has single-wandedly pioneered the field of astronomancy and used its principles to craft the galaxy habitat and made the galaxy dragons feel at home. He also brought a piece of falling star safely to rest in which he used to craft a breeding cave. Nogard says it's fine, as long as we don't destroy the universe.

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